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31. May 04 - Released StandAloneAptGot v0.8pre4

Added basic refreshing mechanisms and a brute force purger. The refreshing mechanism starts every 24 hours or if you state /trigger/new_package_lists after your module URL (eg http://localhost/debian/trigger/new_package_lists).
The FileCache supports object reusage now and does not cloud the memory anymore. OutOfMemoryException should not occure anymore as the FileCache uses WeakReferences now to keep the objects alive.
Started the hard business of documenting.

pre4 is scheduled to be the last prerelease before hitting 0.8.

25. May 04 - Released StandAloneAptGot v0.8pre3

Changes since 0.8pre1:

FileCache has basic support of object caching now.
DebianMirrorFile recovers from manual deleting the cached file.
DebianMirrorFile sets the internal LastModified and Length values correctly even if the file was already downloaded.
PENDING FileLists are verified correctly now. That means especially that they are set to verified (if applicable) and therefore the DebianMirror starts to load the new found info.
A gzip Wrapper is used if gzipped package lists are available. That reduces the used bandwidth and the startup time.
In addition some major bugs in pre1 are fixed. For example under some circumstances new Release files where not fetched from the remote server.

18. May 04 - Released StandAloneAptGot v0.8pre1

Today I released the first preview of version 0.8. Please keep in mind that it is a preview and should be treated as alpha software. It is not fully tested and still lacks some important features. Now Release files in the Debian repository are found and parsed for md5sum infos for the various Package list. The information is used to verify the Package lists. Right now this is only done when the mirror engine is started for the first time. So you have to restart the whole StandAloneAptGot every time there are new Package lists on the remote server. This is one of the important changes that have to be made in order to release version 0.8. One random fact: There are 2000 more lines of code in v0.8pre1 than in v0.7.2. Yeah - I've been busy. ;o)

25. Apr 2004 - Released StandAloneAptGot v0.7

Now apt-got features a non-blocking downloading system. Every byte that is recieved from the remote server is send to the clients instantaniously. No more waiting around until the file is completely mirrored.
Additionally there are some minor bugfixes included in this release. Get it at sourceforge.

15. Apr 2004 - Feedback? Wow!

The wonderful feedback I got on just one day forced me to update the online documentation of apt-got. It was just amazing.
Well, I will double my efforts to implement your features requests and answer the support requests. I hope that the reviewed online documentation will help you out.

13. Apr 2004 - Sourceforge.net

Project gets registered with sourceforge.net.

Mar 2004 - Project continues

Tobi continues to develop the project as CS189b senior programming project.

14. Jan 2004 14:00 - Project starts

Well, now it is written in stone. Our CS50 project at UCSB is called apt-got.

Tobias Hertkorn, 20. Jan 2004 17:11

Drastically Reduce Bandwidth Usage and Download Time


Are you tired of manually copying the packages to your second Debian machine to save download time and bandwidth?
Are you trying to build a partial debian mirror - but are frustrated by the existing solutions?
And you don't want to potentially waste even more bandwidth by mirroring the whole Debian package archive?

Well - I was.
What we are trying to build here is a partial Debian mirror, that is populated on-the-fly. Meaning, that the first request from a client will fetch the package from the remote server. This package will be cached locally and delivered to the second client requesting it, without redownloading it from the server. This saves bandwidth, download time and is good for your download quota, actually saving you money.

In addition to that, this project will include some functionallity other scripts don't have, like falling back on a second mirror, when you first choice mirror is down.
As we know, introducing a new program to a server is an additional security risk. That's why we chose to write it in Java.

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Tobias Hertkorn, 16. Feb 2004 17:51

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