I just wrote a little helper program that lets you track your currently set power scheme. And reset it, if any external sources (like Windows group policies) change said power options. I wrote this, because I have sometimes long running tasks that collide head-on with our IT departments wise decision to force a power scheme that puts my laptop to sleep after an hour. A laptop. What’s the power consumption of that thing? And most of the time it’s not even plugged in on site, spending company money.

Writing the tool was pretty easy, done in about 45 minutes of coding to get a basic sweet little exe that does nothing but parse a command-line argument, and force-set a power scheme. Which was more than fine by me, since I used the task scheduler to run this program every 5 minutes, knew how to correctly pass a guid to the program, was not surprised that it did not give any feedback, …

I started showing the tool to a couple of friends, who – not surprisingly – had the same problems. How come all IT departments of all major companies have the same stupid ideas? ;-) This is when the suggestions and the feedback started rolling in. So, at first I wrote “documentation” on how to use it. Then I added more elaborate command line parsing, because it seems people do not read manuals. Strange.
Then I set up a git repository on github, so I could start saying “is there a pull request for what you are suggesting” and be all hip and stuff. This did not work out so great, because I ended up adding a daemon mode. Some poor individuals apparently do not even have admin rights on their laptop – and could not set up a task in task scheduler.
And finally I added the possibility to copy and paste the power scheme guids from within the program because some people can’t be bothered to use powercfg.exe.

And I feel like it is still not done. What are the todos? Write a blog post about the tool and set up a dedicated website for it.

So, going public meant going from a 45 min solution that worked brilliantly, to working more than 10 hours for it. And suddently feel like I am not done.

Is it always that hard to give back to the community? What is your experience?