The Hg Commit Monitor is a small tool that sits in your tray and helps you monitoring multiple remote Mercurial repositories. If new pushs apear in the repository the Hg Commit Monitor will notify you via a balloontip. That way you can always be sure that you did not miss any push to your favourite Mercurial repository.

The Hg Commit Monitor will keep track of which pushs you already have seen. That way it will even notify you, if there are any new commits, even if Hg Commit Monitor was turned off while those pushs happened.


- Bugs you as little as possible, while clearly communicating its status.
– Can monitor multiple repositories.
– May be used on repositories that are private and need authentication.
– May be used on repositories that use https, but use a self-signed key.
– Gives one-click access to more detailed information via the repository’s website.


- Now with support for file:// URIs, if you want to add a local or shared repository.


When you want to monitor a http or https repository please make sure that you enter the complete URL to the atom log feed. Example:

When you want to monitor a ssh repository enter the absolute path to the root directory of the repository. Example: ssh:// where /var/tmp/commit is the absolute path.
hg must be in the path – so check if manually going to the root and typing ‘hg log -l 10′ works on the server.

Newest Version as source

Please feel free to send me pull requests!

Version 1.2.1:

- Bugfix for hgweb bug #1714

Version 1.2:

- ssh repositories are now supported (big thanks to Oliver Reeves for suggesting that feature)
– somewhat better error handling

Version 1.1:

- Tooltip Balloon is shown on new commits
– Tooltip and window Icon are changed if there are any unseen commits
– Xmls are persisted on shutdown
– Optimized minimize and restore from notification area
– Introduced option to start minimized
– Introduced option to set update interval
– Usersettings are now persisted
– Size of CommitView is now set correctly on first startup

Version 1.0.1:

- First published version
– Scans repositories every 5 minutes
– Does not notify of changes. Only icon in the commit view shows the seen status.


Compiled Version 1.2.1
Compiled Version 1.2
Compiled Version 1.1
Compiled Version 1.0.1

Source Repository on bitbucket

System requirements

Should run on any OS that supports .NET Framework v3.5 – if you need .NET 2.0 support (e.g. for Mono) please contact me!


Screenshot Main Window V. 1.0.1

Screenshot Main Window V. 1.0.1


Best: Fix the bug and send me a pull request on bitbucket: – but please do not hesitate to contact me (e.g. via twitter, email or simply leave a comment on this page) if you find any bugs.